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          Tonghua, Jilin, China
P.C.: 134000
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  THpetro R&D team consists of more than 50 experienced experts and engineers, including the first-generation of China's petroleum mechanical experts, competent senior engineers and young petroleum mechanical talents. Product quality is guaranteed by skillful employees, over 500 fine-control machines, and sophisticated processes. We test our products in our high-standard inspection center and assess the performance in our simulated oil field before they are delivered to our clients. THpetro uses its extensive experience to apply the best available technology and the most appropriate solutions to meet customers' needs.

Address: 2607, Jianshe Street, Tonghua, Jilin, China  P.C.: 134000
Sales Tel: 86-435-3946860 E-mail:  rig@thpetro.com thpetro@gmail.com