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Oilfield Service

  THpetro offers integrated oilfield solutions that meet our clients' needs. Through communication with customers and on-site research, we continuously innovate and modify products to help our clients to improve well service efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. Combined with our high-quality products, our oilfield services include oil well drilling service, oil well workover service, snubbing service, well flushing service, sand washing service and water well drilling service. THpetro uses its extensive oilfield service experience to apply the best available technology and the most appropriate solutions to meet customers' needs. At the same time, THpetro builds win-win mode by cooperating with other well-known oil service companies based on THpetro's oilfield products. Now, THpetro has branched out its service centers into North America, Latin America, Russia and Africa.


Address: 2607, Jianshe Street, Tonghua, Jilin, China  P.C.: 134000
Sales Tel: 86-435-3946860 E-mail: