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Head Office
Address: 2607, Jianshe St., 
          Tonghua, Jilin, China
P.C.: 134000
Tel: (86) 435 3946860
Fax: (86) 435 3946860
Email: rig@thpetro.com     
MSN: thpetro@hotmail.com

Company History

    ★ Founded in 1958, the predecessor of THpetro was Heavy Machinery Plant of Jilin.
    ★ In 1962, it changed its name to Chemical Mine Equipment Plant of Jilin.
    ★ In 1964, it changed its name to Petro-Chemical Machinery Manufacture Plant of Jilin.
    ★ In 1965, it moved from Changchun to Tonghua, and combined with Mine Equipment Plant of Jilin into Tonghua Petro-Chemical Machinery Manufacture Plant.
     ★ In April 1996, it took enterprise shareholding system reform and changed its name to Tonghua Petro-Chemical Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
     ★ In March 2001, it became a private enterprise.


Legendary History: Birth of the "1st Workover Rig" of P.R. China (1965) 
Eye View of New Factory Blueprint 
Address: 2607, Jianshe Street, Tonghua, Jilin, China  P.C.: 134000
Sales Tel: 86-435-3946860 E-mail:  rig@thpetro.com thpetro@gmail.com